"After 15 years, nearly 6000 packs & over $8,000 dollars, it was time to quit ... One session has changed my life.” – Ted D.*


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What People are saying about Lee G. Rindner

“I have used Lee Rindner for improvements in my own life and the results have been nothing less than spectacular! … I am so confident in Lee’s skill that I recommended him to the love of my life, Holly (my wife) and to my closest friends and family.”* – Tom Martino, Consumer Advocate fighting for consumers for more than 30-years utilizing Radio, TV, Internet, Newspapers and Magazines.

“Lee’s approach to life can be summed up easily: ‘You CAN do it!’ And that goes for both positive and negative things. That is why we sometimes need help to avoid the negative and pursue the positive. With Lee’s hypnotherapy, that can be accomplished within minutes instead of years of counseling.”* – Tom Martino, Consumer Advocate fighting for consumers for more than 30-years utilizing Radio, TV, Internet, Newspapers and Magazines.

“You’ve added so much and it starts to border on synergy when we start learning from each other so I appreciate this very much! Thanks so much Lee!”*
Dr. Steven Covey – Author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. When I look at the life style changes over the last year, I see the true success of your work with me. Bless You!”*
Mary-Kaye – Denver, Colorado

“The human psyche doesn’t come with an operating manual. Lee Rindner’s expert skill and compassion will help one write their own book with the ending they truly desire.”*
Brent T. – Denver, Colorado

“I would recommend this teacher and course for every person in the Department of Labor. He opens doors that so many people could use to change and improve their lives. Should be mandatory training.”*
– Department of Labor

“Just a note of thanks for your professionalism, your friendliness, and your expertise in the area of Neuro-linguistics training. … The responses that I’ve received from your participants and the changes that have occurred for them in various areas of their lives, have been highly positive.”*
Betty W. – Martin Marietta Astronautics Group

“I would like to express my deep appreciation to you for helping me to kick the cigarette habit. I have not smoked a single cigarette since taking your ‘Stop Smoking’ program in November of 1999, and it’s wonderful to be smoke free … A nice side effect is my health has improved and I’m enjoying outdoor activities more than I have in years.”*
L. – Denver, Colorado

“We continue to see our people using your techniques on a consistent basis. It’s obvious to me that these techniques will last a lifetime. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and time. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”*
Cyndi R. – AT & T

“After 15 years, nearly 6000 packs, and over $8,000 dollars, it was time to quite. The desire was there but the will power wasn’t. One session has changed my life. I recommend the sessions. It will not only be worth the investment of money, it is worth it for life. Thank you Lee Rindner.”*
Ted D. – Denver, Colorado

“I was very pleased with all the information that you shared on your tape. It was extremely enlightening and easy to follow.”*
Janet S. – Clinical Hypnotherapist & Registered Counselor

“Looking back on it, I suppose I should have recognized the classic stress related symptoms I was experiencing. What fooled me, however, is that I was not under any kind of negative personal or work related pressure that one would associate with stress. … Gladly now that I am more relaxed, I no longer have health problems detracting from the enjoyment of my current life adventures. Lee, I want to acknowledge and thank you for the life enhancing benefits of your services. It’s not often that we get far more than we pay for.”*
Paul W. – Denver, Colorado

“In recent months, I have become well-acquainted with Lee Rindner’s work. I find him to be an extremely competent NLP practitioner and I highland recommend his services.”*
Brian P. – Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Keep improving the world Lee. It’s time now to focus on people and working together to build a great future.”*
Jay A. – Denver, Colorado

“You have helped my students increase their confidence, lose weight, quit smoking, master rapport skills and direct their focus in many other positive ways.”*
David W. – Robbins Research International

Lee G. Rindner Professional Accreditations

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) – Robbins Research International, California
  • NLP Practitioner and Master MP Practitioner – NLP Comprehensive, Colorado
  • Hypnotherapist Certifications – Paul Adam’s School of Hypnosis, Michigan
  • Member American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) – Colorado.
  • BBB Gold Star Award as “The Voice of Experience” – Lee G. Rindner has had no complaints in the past three years. The BBB Gold Star is awarded to members that are complaint free for three years. To his credit Lee G. Rindner has never had a complaint from BBB Colorado membership for his services.
  • Member of Tom Martino’s Trouble Shooter Network
    Visit www.referrallist.com/lee-g-rindner-chtnlp for more information

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