"After 15 years, nearly 6000 packs & over $8,000 dollars, it was time to quit ... One session has changed my life.” – Ted D.*

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If you are looking for a dynamic and fun presentation then consider Lee G. Rindner, CHT/NLP for your next event. Lee is available for speaking at events, conferences, seminars and banquets. He is a dynamic speaker and can speak on a variety of topics tailored to your event. Lee has an uncanny ability to take his extensive background in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic programming and apply it to any company, any topic and make an entertaining presentation.

Listen to Lee G. Rindner on YouTube Video – The Secrets of a Championship Mind
Lee tells How to Use Your Mind & the Secrets to Being a World Class Champion! The Secret to becoming a Champion is to think like a Champion.
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More About Lee G. Rindner

Lee G. Rindner is a Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and a Master NLP Practioner with over 37 years in the Human Potential field. If you are in the Denver area you might recognize his name from the Denver Post Health Views section or maybe from his appearances on the “Tom Martino Show”. Lee is also a frequent guest on radio shows and has had his own radio show in the past. His most recent program was in fall of 2008 – the radio talk show “Colorado Talks with Lee Rindner”

Listen to Lee G. Rindner’s Voice

Lee G. Rindner is an unprecedented expert in many areas of transformation processes for helping people and organizations reach their greatness. He has worked with and helped people of all ages from four to 94 years of age. Lee is a teacher, motivator, therapist, and friend. Lee has a thriving private practice in Littleton, Colorado where he sees individual clients. He also works as a trainer with regional businesses, educational institutions and groups in providing customized programs that resolve problems, promote growth and improve communication in organizations.

Lee G. Rindner’s extraordinary voice, along with his experience and unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psycho-Cybernetics, Meditation and positive self-help talk creates incredibly quick and lasting results for all of his clients. Many clients from around the country and even a few international clients come to Littleton, Colorado to meet with Lee on an individual basis for private sessions. A testament to Lee’s comprehensive training are the testimonials about his private sessions, training and self-help audio programs – To quote the editor of a popular fitness magazine: “He simply changes lives!”

What People are saying about Lee G. Rindner

“The Retired Peace Officers of Colorado, Inc. wishes to endorse The Antidote to Road Rage Program. Several of our members have used the tapes and have been pleased with the results.”
Terry F. – The Retired Peace Officers of Colorado, Inc.

“Just a note of appreciation for all the help you provided me. After listening to your … Antidote for Road Rage tape several times as you suggest, I actually found myself repeating your suggestions in my head even when I was not listening to the tape in my car.”
Stacy N. – Littleton, Colorado

“Observing driving behavior on our roads has become a gut wrenching hobby of mine. Drivers seem to be using cars as an extension of their frustration level with a number of issues in their lives. … Get the safety YOU and your family deserve back into your life with Antidote to Road Rage series – pass it on!.”
Michael D. – Professional Race Instructor

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