"After 15 years, nearly 6000 packs & over $8,000 dollars, it was time to quit ... One session has changed my life.” – Ted D.*

Phone Consultations

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Unable to come into Lee G. Rindner’s office? Are you located in another state? Lee G Rindner can still help.

If you are unable to come into the office or do not see the program you need from the audio program downloads, Lee G. Rindner offers his services via Phone Consultation. The Phone Consultation program includes a CD of the session at no additional charge. Note that audio cassettes format is also available.

Getting Started with the Phone Consultation

For Phone Consultations the first step is to have a brief no-charge conversation with Lee G. Rindner. If you want to proceed call 303-979-5498 or use the email contact form on this website to request a call back. Lee is in session with other clients during the day. When you contact the office leave your name, phone and the best time to reach you and Lee will call you back. The email contact form also allows you to provide this same information and request a call back.

During the initial phone conversation you will be asked to explain what you are looking to accomplish. Lee will determine if the specific topic, issue or behavior that you are trying to change is appropriate for a Phone Consultation. There is no charge for this initial conversation with Lee. This also gives you a chance to talk to Lee personally, hear his voice and ask any questions about his services and schedule a convenient time for the Phone Consultation. Note that there are some issues and behaviors that the Phone Consultation program is not appropriate for.

More About Phone Consultations

Each private Phone Consultation session begins with Lee interviewing you about smoking, eating and other life patterns. Then, Lee spends up to an hour just talking with you one-on-one about your life and the issue/behavior you want to change. During this time, Lee will answer any questions you have and will explain hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). If either Lee or the client doesn’t believe that hypnosis or NLP can help at this time, the session ends here and there is no charge. During the 20-minute hypnosis session, the client remains conscious and aware of all that is happening. Upon completion, a CD of the session is created and mailed to the client at no additional charge.

Customized Self-Help Audio Programs

Another option if you are unable to come to Lee’s office is the Customized Self-Help Audio Programs. This audio program is created just for you and is about the specific topic, issue or behavior that you are trying to change. This is a custom service that starts with a phone conversation between you and Lee. The difference between Customized Self-Help Audio Programs and a Phone Consultation is that you do NOT experience a hypnosis or NLP session with a Customized Self-Help Audio Programs. During the phone conversation, Lee will determine whether he can create a Customized Self-Help Audio Program about your specific topic, issue or behavior that you are trying to change. Note that there are some issues and behaviors for which the custom Self-Help Audio Program is not an appropriate solution.

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Call 303-979-5498 and find out how reasonable, valuable and effective Lee G. Rindner’s services are. You will be taught how to help yourself and change your life. All of this is accomplished without drugs. Call today!

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