"After 15 years, nearly 6000 packs & over $8,000 dollars, it was time to quit... One session has changed my life." - Ted D.*

Lee Rindner’s Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP will change your life!

“For Over 30 Years Lee’s Hypnotherapy and NLP Has Helped Over 10,000 People Ages 4 to 94 Reach Their Greatness. How Can Lee Help You?” Private, Confidential and Resolution Oriented – Serving Individuals, Businesses and Organizations in the United States and Internationally.

Lee G. Rindner, CHT/NLPLee G. Rindner, CHT/NLP has a thriving private practice in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, where he sees individual clients and businesses from Denver, other states, and internationally. Can’t come to Colorado? Lee also offers phone consultations. What can hypnotherapy help with? A lot! It’s frequently used for anxiety, to stop smoking, for weight control, guilt and anger, headaches, hypno coaching, insomnia, memory, fears and phobias, pain control, panic attacks, regression and mental blocks, self confidence, self esteem, sports performance, test anxiety, and much more. Lee’s approach utilizes a combination of self-hypnosis, psycho-cybernetics, positive self-talk, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that’s both effective and resolution-oriented with lasting results. Anyone who is looking to make positive changes in his or her life can benefit from hypnotherapy. Lee’s guidance will help you take advantage your inner resources so that you can make the most out of your life and take charge of your personal growth. You will feel not only enlightened but empowered by the experience that hypnotherapy can provide. Take the first step in achieving your greatness today! Read More

“Lee Rindner is one of America’s Foremost Hypnotherapists”-Gil Boyne-Founder of The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE)”*

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. When I look at the life style changes over the last year, I see the true success of your work with me. Bless You!”* Mary-Kaye – Denver, Colorado

“I would recommend this teacher and course for every person in the Department of Labor. He opens doors that so many people could use to change and improve their lives. Should be mandatory training.”* – Department of Labor

“I have used Lee Rindner for improvements in my own life and the results have been nothing less than spectacular!”* – Tom Martino, Consumer Advocate fighting for consumers for more than 30 years utilizing Radio, TV, Internet, Newspapers and Magazines.

“He simply changes lives”-Tony Redding-Editor-“Passion Fitness Magazine”*

Getting Started and Learning More About Hypnotherapy

It’s your choice – Come to Colorado, arrange for a phone consultation, or Lee can come to you. All it takes is one phone call to 303-979-5498 to find out what hypnotherapy can do for you. Hypnotherapy is the clinical term for hypnosis that’s used for change and self-improvement. Hypnosis is being used more and more in clinics and hospitals to help people improve their communication and to overcome both physical and emotional problems. Often, single-hour sessions have helped people to stop smoking, begin lasting and effective weight control, and manage stress. Read More

Learning More about Lee G. Rindner

  • Learn more about Lee’s extraordinary voice, experience, and his unique combination of NLP, self-hypnosis, psycho-cybernetics, and meditation.
  • What do Others Have to Say? Learn what Dr. Steven Covey, author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and others have to say about Lee.
  • Find out more about hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Lee’s unique approach to what he calls Rindner Hypnosis.
  • Office Visits If you’re in or near the Denver metro area, you can meet Lee in his office in person in Littleton, Colorado.
  • Phone Consults If you’re unable to travel to Colorado, you can arrange for a phone consultation with Lee and have a custom audio program made.
  • Program Downloads Lee also offers a variety of self-help audio programs that are available for download. These programs address such topics as weight control and weight loss, smoking cessation, road rage, alcohol control, and more.

News & Events

September 2016 Great news! If you’ve been thinking about scheduling an appointment with Lee, now’s the time. Lee is happy to announce that he has upcoming hypnosis spots available for new clients. If you need help with quitting smoking, losing weight, dealing with anxiety or stress, or any other number of issues, Lee can help you make the changes you need to improve your life. Call Lee or contact him today to make your first appointment.

September 2016 Lee is in the process of working with Marshall Sylver, a world-renowned hypnotist and expert on personal development. With this partnership, Lee hopes to bring even more insight and assistance to his clients who are looking to maximize their personal growth and self-empowerment.

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